A Huge Aussie Bloke, that stands around a drinks beer all day, and acts as a body guard. It first appered in the Aussie Movie Crocodile Dundee
I'll put my donk on you
by Aussie Block April 02, 2004
Sound of instantly erected penis hitting the down side of your office desk in following situations:

1) a hot female colleague has just entered into the office just to say hello or ask something
2) a male colleague/pal of yours has just sent you a web link with hot pics you really like
1) Oh, dude, Bridget dropped in early today wearing that red miniskirt again... I'm sure she could hear the DONK clearly this time, man!
2) Yesterday Gerard sent me a hot chick link and I really went.....DONK!!!!!
by edrocket December 16, 2014
A liberal person that hates America. Related to a Democrat, a donk prefers to spend the money of hard working citizens on the poor and criminal classes of a society.
Oh man, you see that bleeding heart Donk? He just gave the that childs lunch to that degenerate in the park.
by DivsionOneBoy May 17, 2012
a donkey that is crossbred with a duck

it makes a sound like a quacking ass
holy shit look at that flying donkey!!!
no thats not a flying donkey.......its a motherfucking DONK!!!!!!!!!!!
by donkbitchhoe January 31, 2009
What skateboarders call a trick that is sketchy or bounces off of the ground.
Dude that trick was donk!
by AlmostSk8er July 21, 2008
a large booty that moves reguardless if the girl that it is attached to moves. AkA Booty, badonkadonk, Huge ass
When i stared as sharon walk past i saw her donk bounce from side to side.
by Sharon O April 14, 2008
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