The huge guy from crocodile Dundee. Toothless, massive, childish, deep-voiced, Brutal.
Bush-guy: *holds up beer* Alright, mate?

Badguy: *surprised* Shouldn't you have a gun out here in the jungle?

Bush-guy: *Drinking beer* I dunneed a gun, mate, I got donk.

Badguy: A donk?

Bush-huy: Yeah, a donk!

Badguy: *thinking "what's a donk"?*

Donk: A DONKKKK!! *throws badguy in the air*
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 02, 2004
A Huge Aussie Bloke, that stands around a drinks beer all day, and acts as a body guard. It first appered in the Aussie Movie Crocodile Dundee
I'll put my donk on you
by Aussie Block April 02, 2004
when a nigga smell like straight SHIT!
damn adrian you smell like donk!!
by david sudom April 06, 2009
a donkey that is crossbred with a duck

it makes a sound like a quacking ass
holy shit look at that flying donkey!!!
no thats not a flying donkey.......its a motherfucking DONK!!!!!!!!!!!
by donkbitchhoe January 31, 2009
Donk and its variants, short for Donkey, or stupid play, particularly putting (or donating) lots of chips into a hopeless pot. Occasionally used when someone makes a hand on the river and 'bad beats' another player.
I donked my chips in.

He played like a donkey.

Sorry I rivered you - donkey's have to eat!
by Crackpoet July 29, 2006
a donk is a 1970-1975 chevrolet impala or chevrolet caprice classic. a donk is not a cutlass or any other kind of old school car.
trick daddy has 2 donks 1973 chevy impala and 1975 chevy caprice classic
by lil country February 06, 2006
The wood bass sound that provides the bassline in Scouse House music, which is popular in Liverpool, England
Alright laaaaa, i'm on my 10th Gary. (type of drug) i've been going sick to the donk all night laaaaaaa.
by Paddy C November 25, 2005

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