a donk is a 1970-1975 chevrolet impala or chevrolet caprice classic. a donk is not a cutlass or any other kind of old school car.
trick daddy has 2 donks 1973 chevy impala and 1975 chevy caprice classic
by lil country February 06, 2006
The wood bass sound that provides the bassline in Scouse House music, which is popular in Liverpool, England
Alright laaaaa, i'm on my 10th Gary. (type of drug) i've been going sick to the donk all night laaaaaaa.
by Paddy C November 25, 2005
ONLY AN IMPALA! Not any other kinda car except that. Its a shortened version of donkey, which refers to the impala symbol, which is an antelope, or a Donkey to some. Usually a 1970-1976 Impala.
"24s on the Donk go round and round..." -Field Mob, WHEELS
by C-Mizzle August 03, 2005
v. In poker, to lose one's chips in a stupid manner.
Did you see him donk off his chips with ace-jack?
by DonkDetector July 30, 2005
What skateboarders call a trick that is sketchy or bounces off of the ground.
Dude that trick was donk!
by AlmostSk8er July 21, 2008
a stupid person. an idiot.
oh my god! you just cracked my skateboard. you donk!

I can't believe you said that stupid thing! you donk!
by blonde_bombshell November 11, 2007
nice round basketball ass.
that girl got a donk.
by percy upshaw November 30, 2006

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