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A phrase used to make insults seem socially acceptable.
"No offense, John, but your mom is a fucking whore."

"You've got huge bitch tits, Patrick... no offense."
by bryan September 11, 2004
Something you say right before you offend the living shit out of someone.
no offense bob, but everything you believe is wrong
by Po Ivey August 11, 2006
thing to say after you say something offensive
A: "no offense, but you smell like shit!"

B: "..."
by vinny December 20, 2004
A phrase added to an otherwise insulting statement. You say "no offense" right before or after you say something that is insulting. "No offense" allows you to say just about anything you want about anyone.

It is sometimes followed up by "none taken." The recipient of the original comment says "none taken" to signal that they were not insulted.
Joe: Sally, you've put on some weight
Sally: *slaps the shit out of Joe*


Joe: No offense, Sally, you've gotten fat
Sally: None taken. I guess I should go on a diet. .
by Northendwhitetrash October 03, 2009
1.The 2009 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They have no offense.

2. Something that is used by someone to make it sound acceptable.
1. Man the Bucs defense played well last week at Wembley but their offense just sucked. They have no offense.

2. No offense Kipper but your sister has the ugliest bitch i've ever seen. You'd have to be totally wasted to take a ride on her.
by Dreamcast October 29, 2009
The short line used after a very offensive and usually embarrassing statement which supposeably makes everything the 'sender' said socially acceptable.
Leevon: OHH MYY GOD ALAA! Your such a little bitch ass, stupid pin dicked, cock sucking mother fucker who smells like absolute shit! no offense. =)

Alaa: lol (OMG im so glad he said no offense or i would of taken it offensively)
by Wavell August 04, 2008
a phrase that is believed to make a really rude comment less rude, but really just makes you look like a jackass.
No offense Chelsea, but you suck.
by katopoliss December 06, 2010
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