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someone who says things but never really means it...a boi full of empty promises
"don't jai z me..or else ill leave u for good"
by retard December 04, 2004
Playing with the immediate area around your ass hole and then wiping it on a friends upper lip, thus causing them to lick it or smell the 'SCUD'!!!
Darren scuds his army bum chums all the time!!!!
by Retard March 10, 2005
This site is Handdy Capped as it will allow word like nigger and spik to be used and not handycapped.

Moderators are racist handycaps!
by Retard July 24, 2003
random verbal abuse
'nice shoes wanna f#@%?'
by retard September 08, 2003
Slang for New Rochelle, NY. A small miserable city in the suburbs of NYC. Home to Iona College
Oh lets go to North Avenue tonight in New Rochelle and hit on 16 year-old Italian girls in O'Briens.
by Retard March 01, 2004
a reindeer for retards
why is there a donk on this xmas ball?
by retard December 12, 2003

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