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A piece of computer hardware that is provided with software. This hardware has to be attached to the computer (example: Printer port) to allow the software to work.
The CAD program SOLIDEDGE won't work unless the dongle is installed.
by TheWun1 May 21, 2003
The get head behind the shed at a party.
I got a dongle from that girl the other night.
by dongles_big November 10, 2007
A large penis. In this sense it is meant to be the bigger version of a medium penis(a dangle), which is in turn bigger than a small penis(a dingle)
I was going to fuck that black chick last night, but she had too much roast beef from being nailed by many large dongles.
by BoxEater March 24, 2009
The word to end all words.
"Dongle" is a funny word.
by Smithbones March 01, 2008
1. (noun) A USB device designed specifically to drive the owner to the point of insanity. Contains hidden software aimed at disconnecting from the internet mid-conversation thus causing maximum disruption and annoyance. 2. (noun) A small plastic toy used by cats to chase along wooden floor at 5am. 3. (noun) A primative alarm clock when used in conjunction with definition 2
He's in a bad mood today, he got dongled in the early hours.

Man i was chatting to a really hot girl online when i got hit by a dongle. Bummer.
by cds2212 February 04, 2010
A short adaptor cable to convert between different plug conventions.
Dang, I lost the dongle to connect the DVI out to the VGA projector.
by not-just-yeti February 03, 2004
when your lover uses whip cream, chocolate sauce, caramel, and/or any other delicious food that can be used as some form of tasty lubrication when receiving a blow job or hand job.
The girl was very horny and was hungry so her loving boyfriend suggested a dongle.
by busby13 February 26, 2011