Pertaining to the male anatomy; i.e penis and/or dick.
Location; Best Buy

Alex: "Oh hey baby, wanna fuck?"

Girl: "I would love to, but I heard you have a small dongle, like really small..ew."
by rollyjoe January 16, 2011
when your lover uses whip cream, chocolate sauce, caramel, and/or any other delicious food that can be used as some form of tasty lubrication when receiving a blow job or hand job.
The girl was very horny and was hungry so her loving boyfriend suggested a dongle.
by busby13 February 26, 2011
The third and final stage of the three known stages of a human penis. This is the phase where the penis reaches its maximum potential and is fully engorged. This stage can be achieved when a man is fully sexually arroused and is ready to bone hoes. Some hints that one has reached this state are: swollen veins and a taut nutsack.
Elderly men must use Viagra to achieve dongle.
by Jow Blob September 12, 2007
A term for a douchey, micro-managing boss.
"Dude, your boss just came into your office, changed the channel on your television, and ripped down the papers you had on the bulletin board. What a dongle!"
by GoopyGoopyGoo June 30, 2009
the thing that hangs from the ceiling in a tain that you hold to. Often on trains in the London Underground. Can also be used as a metaphor. Dongling someone is when you are constantly badgering them and trying to get their attention by pulling their arm.
"Stop dongling me"
"I held on to the dongle as the train started"
by Lisa8999 July 10, 2008
a cooler word for flash drive or thumb drive
do you need to use my dongle?
by donglex April 10, 2008
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