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It's an abbreviation of ''iPod Touch'' because, iPod touch is a long word of course. 'Nd we're all too lazy to say the whole freaking word.
''Hey, what are you doing?''

''Looking for my Touch man, I forgot where I put it."
by MILK- September 26, 2011
synonym to kill, to beat, to rob or luck (touch of luck). defined in particular situations or chain of events.
1)your boy got touched.-your boy got killed-
2)touch him up.-beat him up-
3)that chain needs to be touched.-that chain needs to be robbed-
4)man he got touched.-man he got lucky-
by x March 06, 2004
Grace & style. Deriving the greatest amount of benefit from the least amount of effort. Dedication to quality, not flash. That which elevates an action artistically, and separates a performance from that of a technically proficient caveman.
1. Eric Clapton, Slash, and Joe Satriani have touch. Steve Vai does not. George Harrison's lack of touch is particularly evident on Revolution, where he sounds like a dying cat.
2. Jet Li has touch; he always looks like he is moving very slowly, even when he is moving very fast. Jackie Chan cavemans it; he always looks like he is at the the very limit of his ability.
3. Peter Line has touch.
4. Most new rock climbers have no touch, especially muscular guys; they caveman routes and burn themselves out, while the more experience women outclimb them easily.
by malarky2020 September 16, 2009
Word meaning cool/sweet/stellar/awesome/touch/etc.
Dude you're touch


That would be touch if you could cum on me right about now.
by Jed Carlson April 17, 2007
Any form of gettin it in.
1. I'm trying to go down to my girl's place to get some touches in.

2. I got a big game Sunday. I'm going to go to the practice field to get some touches in so I'm ready for tomorrow's game.

3. Let's order some beers and get our touches in tonight!

4. I'm going to Skype my girl and get some virtual touches in.
by DonJuan1 December 19, 2012
a touch i.e stroke of luck
like finding back of an earring in a sandpit
by daryl fuller January 21, 2005
to engage in sexual intercourse with someone.
Diane: Take off your shirt.
John: My shirt?
Diane: I want to touch you.
by K Joyce June 27, 2015
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