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When a girl is sleeping and you wake her up by slipping your morning wood in her.
I gave her the alarm clock so she wouldn't be late for work.
by throbson October 05, 2006
A method of waking up at a specific time, ususaly accomplished by the satanic sound of screaming souls.
I threw my clock at the wall the other day, now it's broken.
by Rob May 11, 2004
An act of fellatio which wakes the person receiving. Usually results in immediate nutting due to surprise and overall awesomeness.
"Why's your girlfriend got a black eye?"
"I was tired, so I hit the snooze button"
by BWaldo May 02, 2005
An evil device created by Satan to awaken you from a deep sleep.
The alarm clock shrieked loudly at 6am awaking me from my wonderful dream of riches.
by punkchicka4 November 15, 2010
a legal form of torture commonly bestowed upon teenagers between 6-7am.
alarm clock:
"dear Jesus, my lord and my savior, MAKE IT STOP."
by allisgoodindahood December 29, 2011
A device that sounds an alarm at a specific time, waking you up. Some alarm clocks go off 30-45 minutes after its set time, either making you late or unprepared.
My alarm clock woke me up at 6:45 today. I didn't have time to eat a good breakfast, so I fell asleep in class.
by spel itt rite September 18, 2006
Probably the most annoying thing on a Monday morning, or any morning for that matter, but very useful when you need to wake up early or at a certain time. Usually have very high pitched tones so you will be so annoyed that you'll get out of bed to turn the damn thing off.
Person One: I need to wake up early! I should tell my mom to wake me up.

Person Two: You should just set an alarm clock. It's a more annoying sound which most likely will get you out of bed faster to turn it off.

Person One: Good idea!
by thenameisriley April 11, 2013
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