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It's an acronym for "Video Graphics Adapter", which is referring to a video card that is capable of displaying at least 320x200 at 256 colors.
W00h00! This 486 looks much better in VGA!
by CheapAlert December 05, 2003
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Very glorious ass
Dang she got a VGA
by Bananas2840 August 30, 2013
VGA is a french acrynomn for "Véhicule Gravement Accidenté" english: (vehicle seriously accidented)
Can also be used to describe general poor condition of stuff.
That car's a total VGA.
that bushing is VGA, you'll have to change it.
Carfax states the car as a VGA
by volvo850 June 25, 2012
An acronym for Video Graphics Array, refers to 640x480 resolution (aka standard-definition) with 18-bit color, which was introduced by IBM in 1988. It can also refer to the 15-pin vga adapters, which are still in use today.
"This camera phone only takes vga pictures."
"I need a vga gender-bender to hook up this monitor."
by Jello Virus March 18, 2008

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