Trini pronunciation of the word "down".
You're Trini if you can understand the following: Yuh was dey when we do de ting dong dey de day? ;)

(Translation for the interested: Were you there when we did that thing the other day?)
by redgyul April 02, 2005
When two big,enormous balls such as "the ball sack" collide to bring an excruciating experiance.
Peter donged when he fell down from judo; it hurt a lot.
by Petes March 07, 2005
A grey rubber rock, held in your hands
I got a dong in my pocket
I'm gonna beat you with my dong!
by David Smith March 10, 2004
Vietnamese currency. Equivalent to the US Dollar.
That Vietnamese dinner will be 25 dong. Please pay at the register.
by steve May 13, 2004
A shortening of 'Ding-dong destroyer', Basingstoke ryhming slang for a bong
Lets go lug a ding-dong!
by Steve Brennan December 10, 2003
a mix between dosh & wong (money)
"hold up i forgot my dong at my manor"
by Mena Iainttellinu October 08, 2003
Its a slang name for a penis. NOT A DILDO!!!
he had a small dong
by asshat January 22, 2003

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