its the shorter version of ding dong. it can be used as a noun and an adjective
your a dong head
quit messing with your dong
dont look at my dong honey!
man i can really go for a dong right now
by IOU a blow job October 05, 2008
A limp or hanging/dangling penis.

Funny-sounding word.

Vietnamese money unit.
Remember, I was the guy who came to prom with my suit painted on my body, and I spilled my drink, and see, the paint ran, so you could see my dong just hangin' there? (Saving Silverman--Jack Black)
by yeyYAY June 13, 2006
an unseperable combination of two gay lovers, one named donald and the other named jong.
last night i saw dong craig
by bob'syouruncle November 21, 2008
When someone is shot by a sniper rifle but does not die, or even take offense to the shot. (Word mostly used in video games)
Snake oil : What the fuck i just totally donged that douche fag.
Random Pie : Well, my friend, thats a dirty shame.
by snakeoil98 January 21, 2009
the small and fat erect penis of a homosexual transgender hermaphidite.
i wounder if that ManLady has a dong?
by missmollyE July 24, 2010
The opposite of a low-rider vehicle, a dong in the urban setting, particularly inner city areas, is a coupe or sedan with extremely large diameter wheels and very low-profile tires. Fanciful variation of a whip to cartoon-like proportions.
A typical "dong" will be any 1980s Oldsmobile car painted in a unique color and featuring 30 inch--or larger--wheels or spinners (wheels with separately free-rotating hubs).
by Heavy1974 October 06, 2006
To kill someone, To murder someone.
She was going to dong both of them if they didn't stop fighting
by NinjaErick September 30, 2007

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