a big ding dong 9" re (gosh that is big)
o my god (omg) is that feal
iv got a big ding dong and it is 9" er and yes it is real

gillis fa bathgate get that out ur gub no u cant get a shot of it
by Johnny Dong July 06, 2004
An 8 inch black, prosthetic penis designed for thrust and insertion to a member of the opposite sex.
When Nikki first felt the DONG, she came harder than a Tsunami.
by Long Duck August 23, 2005
DONG, derrivitive of DOUG HORN
Dong HORN!!
by dong horn May 10, 2004
A proper last name of Chinese origin.
What's that over there?
Dude, it's just another Dong.
by theboydude April 30, 2015
People who use your stuff when you don't want them too
Look at those dongs over There stealing my car
by Humankind August 22, 2014

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