Excrement that comes out of one's behind. Made Naturally from humans and animals. Doesn't smell pleasant. Also reffered as male genitle organ, penis. Similar to Shit.
Hey Joe, let's put some dong into a brown bag and light it on fire at Matt's house.
by USuCK2526@aol.com January 14, 2009
When two balls within the ball sack collide to create an excruciating experiance.
Peter fell down from Judo; he donged while he fell down.

Peter donged in your face.
by Peter Oh March 26, 2005
I real penis of a person
12inch plus!!
You are such a dong!!
i have a dong
by Tom. N March 20, 2005
a dildo
go to www.dildo.com they have a nice selection of jelly dongs.
by ilovedildos July 21, 2003
A filthy cuss name for the male genitalia.
"I sucked on his dong all night, and it was good..."
by Don't Touch Me December 08, 2001
Trini pronunciation of the word "down".
You're Trini if you can understand the following: Yuh was dey when we do de ting dong dey de day? ;)

(Translation for the interested: Were you there when we did that thing the other day?)
by redgyul April 02, 2005
When two big,enormous balls such as "the ball sack" collide to bring an excruciating experiance.
Peter donged when he fell down from judo; it hurt a lot.
by Petes March 07, 2005

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