The opposite of a low-rider vehicle, a dong in the urban setting, particularly inner city areas, is a coupe or sedan with extremely large diameter wheels and very low-profile tires. Fanciful variation of a whip to cartoon-like proportions.
A typical "dong" will be any 1980s Oldsmobile car painted in a unique color and featuring 30 inch--or larger--wheels or spinners (wheels with separately free-rotating hubs).
by Heavy1974 October 06, 2006
the small and fat erect penis of a homosexual transgender hermaphidite.
i wounder if that ManLady has a dong?
by missmollyE July 24, 2010
To kill someone, To murder someone.
She was going to dong both of them if they didn't stop fighting
by NinjaErick September 30, 2007
A word that can be use in mutilpal ways. Dong can me a males sexual organ, a noise of a bell, or a sound in world of warcraft.
I made the warcraft dong/ or say it because everyone else says ding..:/ which isnt the noise it is Dong

1. My Taurn Nickoftime on Icecrown just Donged to lvl 47.
2. Put your dong away.
by Nickoftime948 April 11, 2007
Slang word for 'penis'. Not to be confused with the the other male navigation organ the 'brain', (though often they can be used interchangably).

Also the sound when a musical bell is struck.

Sisquo - "Let me see that dong-da-dong-da-dong"
by Umbongo - England March 30, 2003
Excrement that comes out of one's behind. Made Naturally from humans and animals. Doesn't smell pleasant. Also reffered as male genitle organ, penis. Similar to Shit.
Hey Joe, let's put some dong into a brown bag and light it on fire at Matt's house.
by January 14, 2009
When two balls within the ball sack collide to create an excruciating experiance.
Peter fell down from Judo; he donged while he fell down.

Peter donged in your face.
by Peter Oh March 26, 2005
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