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5 definitions by dragonxero

A white person who attempts to act black, but usually ends up just acting moronic.
"Man, what's with these stupid whiggers driving around in low-riders, blaring rap music that talks about killing whitey?"
by DragonXero January 06, 2003
222 98
Mammals who fight all the time and whose sole purpose in life is to flip out and kill people.

Natural predators with only one enemy in nature, namely Pirates.
"Holy crap, that ninja is sooo freaking sweet!"
by dragonxero February 25, 2005
130 80
A word one must say when the word "wangs" is uttered.
<dcomposed> Wangs.
<dragonxero> Dongs.
by dragonxero February 25, 2005
38 23
A very good insult. Used by the limeys at
dcom, you are such a cunting arse sausage.
by DragonXero January 03, 2004
10 7
Dork (See Wirthling)
Stop being such a dcomposed!
by DragonXero January 06, 2003
3 1