A slang term for penis.
Kyle: '' HA! dong''
Chris: '' What?''
Kyle: ''Its slang for penis!''
by xxKatelynKannibalxx December 20, 2010
an idiotic person, a completly dickhead , someone that has no brain whatsoever and lives a meaningless and pointless life.
"ugh look at that Laura girl, what a dong"
by jimbobjoeyfeen February 22, 2010
1. a slang name for a male's penis. AKA "ding dong" and many other names.

2. a monetary unit in Vietnam.

3. a proper surname for a male, used in the Chinese and Vietnamese languages and maybe other tongues spoken in the Orient.
1. when the awesome Billy Idol performs his hit "Dancing With Myself" he is referring to the fact that he's shaking his dong.

2. Raymond Slate bought a rug from a street vendor in Ho Chi Minh City for 60 dong.

3. The instructor in a college Computer Science
class introduced himself as "Professor Dong Chi-Zeng". He wrote on the blackboard his surname in huge letters: DONG. He said, "You can just call me 'Dong'". He went on to state that he got his degree at the University of Taipei and so on. Bryan whispered to Dan, "I don't care if that is a common Chinese name, I ain't gonna call him a DONG!"

4. I told my Vietnamese friend in college that the word "din" means "clamor", "racket" and "noise" in English (in Vietnamese "din" means "stupid"). He really got a big laugh when Ralph told him that in English "dong" is a slang word for "penis".
by Starpunk November 07, 2008
A large Penis,the opposite of a Ding
I wonder if that Chinaman has a Ding or a Dong
by Les G August 24, 2005
its the shorter version of ding dong. it can be used as a noun and an adjective
your a dong head
quit messing with your dong
dont look at my dong honey!
man i can really go for a dong right now
by IOU a blow job October 05, 2008
A limp or hanging/dangling penis.

Funny-sounding word.

Vietnamese money unit.
Remember, I was the guy who came to prom with my suit painted on my body, and I spilled my drink, and see, the paint ran, so you could see my dong just hangin' there? (Saving Silverman--Jack Black)
by yeyYAY June 13, 2006
an unseperable combination of two gay lovers, one named donald and the other named jong.
last night i saw dong craig
by bob'syouruncle November 21, 2008

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