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a big ding dong 9" re (gosh that is big)
o my god (omg) is that feal
iv got a big ding dong and it is 9" er and yes it is real

gillis fa bathgate get that out ur gub no u cant get a shot of it
by Johnny Dong July 06, 2004
11 33
1. The penis.
2. The unit of currency of Vietnam. At press time, 1 US dollar is roughly 15000 Vietnamese dong.
For about 500 dong, an Asian hooker will let you stick your dong in her ass.
by Brown Sugar March 18, 2003
2085 353
second sound on the doorbell
Ding, dong; ding, dong
by Tom March 15, 2005
1191 518
The word for a large penis, as opposed to wiener, which mkes it sound short.
I have a dong.
by wouldn't you like to know February 11, 2004
900 318
The Penis.
Good lord, my dong is huge!
by Mike "Skeptickal" Siraco April 26, 2003
567 353
Slang; see penis. Often used to describe a large penis, it can also be used to describe a "average-sized" one or a small one.
My husband's dong is tiny.
Did you see his dong?!
My dong is massive and powerful!
by Chantal Charisse July 28, 2004
281 153
1. Colloquial term for the penis.
2. An idiot. Similar to referring to someone as a cock, prick...etc
1. I have a fat dong.
2. Dave is a right dong!
by Law July 10, 2004
340 219
Colloquial vulgar expression, referring to the male genitalia, especially the penis.
Simeon has a huge dong.
by GuidoPosse69 February 08, 2005
191 116