1.The best euphemism for a penis.

2.What I refer to my penis as.
"It's too fuckin' hot out. My dong is sticking to my leg."
by What the shit? October 02, 2008
1. As coined by Michael of Vsauce:


An application, game, program, or other feature that you can use the internet to do. Usually, a DONG is simply an interesting timewaster, or a cool effect.

2. A penis.
1. "Well, we're going to need a DONG for this one."

2. "STOP LAUGHING AT MY DONG! It's not that small..."
by Topbutt July 05, 2013
A very beautiful name with awesome meanings in Chinese. Traditional Chinese last name over the culture of history of 5,000 years. For males it can mean president, knowledgeable person as well as handsome and for females it can mean beautiful, gorgeous. All-in-all this name get bad raps from its American-English cousin "dong" which means "penis".

Nevertheless, there are wonderful people out there who keep this name without changing or adding an English name. I truly respect them!
Wow, I didn't know that name meant that! Now I see Dong in a whole new light.

Cunrui Dong is really brave. He was a super hero in that battle. I wonder how many people didn't notice it.

Dong shihui is scheduled on 1st of next month, all the board members (CEO, CFO, COO, etc) will show up.
by asianculture August 05, 2014
A word one must say when the word "wangs" is uttered.
<dcomposed> Wangs.
<dragonxero> Dongs.
by dragonxero February 25, 2005
A dildo, usually rubber, with a suction cup at the base. Primarily used for sticking to the shower wall.
"Hey Becky. Check out my new DONG"
by ConnorButtersHisBreadOnBothSides December 24, 2006
A penis of unusually high weight/mass/girth.
"Did you see the size of his dong?"
"Yeah, it weighed 3 pounds!"
by Hansome Harry October 07, 2007
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