The acronym for (Things to) Do Online Now, Guys. Made famous by VSauce, a YouTuber.

It can also be used as a noun, respectively.
"Hey, man check out this DONG!"
"Woah. That is an amazing dong."


by mintyfresh9080 May 07, 2012
The penis, but not in a sexy way
"As dusty as a dead dingo's dong" (Sir Les Patterson)
by Edna Sweetlove September 18, 2006
This is cool free stuff you can Do Online Now, Guys.
Check out these Cool DONGS Bro I found On youtube!
by theshadowhand August 31, 2014
To hit someone on the head of the penis, causing immense pain.
Phil was getting on my nerves so I donged him.
by roberto765332 January 21, 2011
A slang term used by the daily fantasy writing community to describe a home run in the game of baseball
Mike Trout hit a 420 foot dong tonight
by RSandersRX May 27, 2015
A cross between a MONG and a DICKHEAD
A name you'd call someone who is acting dickheadly
That boy, Alex is such a Dong
by clever_one:) January 12, 2015
adj: to be completely done with something, moment in which one is over an idea or fact, to be contently filled with food, or can be used to show that one is ready to move on to the next subject or matter at hand.
I'm so fucking dong right now.
Dong and dong.
Me:" Hey, are you dong yet?"
You: "No.... (5 seconds elapsed) alright, dong."
by iamdapimppanther October 11, 2011
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