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the term used for a local of Schenectady, NY. typicaly a sketchy semi-crackhead roaming on campus or being detained my security.
"dude did you see that doid getting beat by 5 campus safety cops?! it was so cool!"
by StiZOne April 08, 2003
originated from ran'doid' as in random, usually refers to an awkward human, or someone who keeps to themselves can be used as a noun, an adjective, or a verb
(n): (question) Did you see that doid at that party?
(answer) Yea, why the fuck was he there??

(v): yo, i was doidin it up last night, i didnt know ANYONE.

(adj): why are you acting so doidy? mingle!
by SOOPUH MAN January 13, 2010
Doids are what Union College students refer to as, the sketchy people that live in Schenectady (although some UC students are actually doids themselves). You can often find Doids wandering on or around campus, and in the local bars such as Rupsies and Gepettos, buying underage girls drinks. Also, some doids like to expose themselves in public when bored, which they usually are. Doids do not know they are called doids, even when its clearly obvious someone is talking about them. Although they often get a bad rap, there are alot of people who love the doids.
A: Should we come to rupsies later
B: No, no's one here
B: Just some doids
by Doid Lover November 09, 2005
Donuts On Idiots Dancing;
a face where you stick your tongue in and out of you mouth while squinting your eyes;
also you must have white donut powder around your mouth and lips
Hey make that doid face!!!
this is doid!!
by doidle monster March 28, 2009
Used in MMORPGs such as There. Stands For Distributed Object IDentifier, numbers identifing many objects in games.

Can you double check that doid number for me?
by Gantunie May 13, 2006
A turd, or crap that has been left in the open. A cross between dookie and void.
"Walking down the street one day. I had to move suddenly because of the doid in the middle of my path.

or.." My stomach is starting to hurt, I think that I've got to go and drop a doid!"
by Jeremy Weber November 12, 2005
Derived from combining Dad and dude together.
Hey Doid, how's it going?
by bustacap February 14, 2005