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1. Suggesting the horror of death and decay; gruesome
2. Constituting or including a representation of death.
Macabre tales of war and plague in the Middle Ages.
by mandy_517 May 18, 2003
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Macabre is a term used to describe Gothic, dark and grim works of literature and art that usually have strong connections with death.
Tim Burton's work is macabre.
by Perfectly Pierced April 15, 2008
The top Alliance guild on World of Warcraft's Mannoroth server. Established in December 2005.
"Macabre dominates the server with an iron fist"
by Education January 01, 2006
Chicago speed metal band consisting of:

Corporate Death-
7-string guitar and lead vocals

6-string bass and backing vocals

Dennis the Menace-

Nearly every song is about serial killers. Notable ones include:
"Ed Gein"
"David Brom Took An Axe"
"Jeffrey Dahmer and the Chocolate Factory"
"Night Stalker"
"Dr. Holmes - He Stripped Their Bones"

Many great albums including Gloom, Sinister Slaughter, Behind the Walls of Sleep, Unabomber, Dahmer, Morbid Campfire Songs, and Murder Metal.
While I dismembered the man attempting to break into my home, I was listening to "Serial Killer" by Macabre. My favorite band.
by Jeff Dahmer June 21, 2004
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