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the term used for a local of Schenectady, NY. typicaly a sketchy semi-crackhead roaming on campus or being detained my security.
"dude did you see that doid getting beat by 5 campus safety cops?! it was so cool!"
by StiZOne April 08, 2003
the spawn resulting from unprotected anal-sex. coined by Adam Corolla on Loveline back in the day.
Q: "can i get my girl pregnant from anal sex"
A: "have you ever heard of a terd baby?"
"Elton John Jr. is a terd baby for sure" - me
by StiZOne April 08, 2003
a hand brace worn to heal drunken accidents. looks like a big plastic waffle. gives the user special powers of alcohol consumption.
wes cullinane has one after a drunken mistake, and has to wear it for the rest of his life cause he fucked up his habd again.
by StiZOne April 10, 2003
short stalky man i once knew...
reid fitzgerald - what a goompa
by StiZOne April 08, 2003
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