DIPPER, is pretty much a sexual manouvere. Basically to dipper something is like having sex with something but when you do the thrusting movement you dip downwards in a diagonal movement.
Also if you shout dipper and wave your hands above your head this means you are up for a dipper.
Calvin : Yo man DIPPPER (waves hands above head)

Sam and Adam : DIPPER (waving the hands above there heads and lunging)

Calvin : nice dipper!

Sam : thanks

Adam : DIPPERR!!!!
by LawesPowerHolt December 14, 2010
The term to describe the manner in which the extraordinary league of FOBs roll; a derogatory phrase to describe expensive attitudes in shitty cars. They tend to dress lavishly (Gucci ties, D&G shades), act lavishly, but fail to meet the drive lavishly standards. Symptoms include the need to get from point A to point B without a legit reason and an accent.
"Throw that dipper the finger."
by hippocrite March 12, 2010
A thief who steals by rifling the pockets of passersby on city streets; a pickpocket.
Before Raul turned to dealing, he tried to make a living on the block as a dipper. He washed out as a pickpocket but is livin' large and should remain top dog. For the time being. As long as he doesn't dip into his merchandise.
by Twathenge April 10, 2006
Dipper, used to describe an east Indian "From India", With a strong East indian accent.
The dipper at the Quick-e-Mart was pissing me off. I couldent understand a word the mother fucker was saying.
by Phantom March 26, 2005
To stick fingers in somthing
My mate got dippers on the dance floor with this chick
by bob and boys July 11, 2007
love boat, pcp
I got some fresh dipper last night.
by Anonymous March 11, 2003
A derogatory term used to describe an East Indian, or any brown person for that matter. Also see pun and raghead
What smells like curry? Oh it must be that dipper over there.
by sdfs August 11, 2004

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