A term females use to explain a male she is just having casual sex with.
Mary told her friends that she needed to call her dipper because she was horny!
by Kimmie Fresh1119 July 08, 2012
A derogatory term for a bisexual person
Becky is such a dipper, she can't choose between a dick or a pussy

"Ya I am a dipper, I choose them all!"
by Kaptain676 May 12, 2014
A person of East Indian descent who has the following traits: 1. thinks they blend into the general population 2. has a strong indian accent or cannot speak english at all (pronounces V's and W's like B's - eg. window = bindow) 3. wears their pajamas outside like it is a fashion statement 4. plays obscure sports like kabaddi 5. cuts their hair (previously in a turban) in highschool to fit in 6. uses baby oil as a hair gel 7. always refer to their social circles as their buddies or cousins 8. breath smells like masala 9. if they are men, wear blue contacts to look like the men in Bollywood 10. lives with their extended families (ie. parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts) until they are married and sometimes even after.
my dipper buddies I are going to the diwala festival to play some kabaddi and afterwards we are going to my momma's house to eat pakoras and saag with my cousins in the basement of our Surrey monster house.
by Pakky Kora June 14, 2010
A person that just recently immigrated from India/Pakistan. May also be referred to as FOB, freshie, etc. Likely speak with a think accent, smell of BO etc.
Have you met that new guy Harjeet? He is such dipper.
by -brownsugar* July 08, 2009
A person who leaves an event during the intermission.
This play is so boring, good thing you guys are always down to dip during the intermission.

Don't come to the play with James, he is a Dipper.

I think the people in the front row are Dippers so we can jack their seats after the intermission.
by seattleafricanparent August 18, 2011
The name for a penis that is so large that it dips into the toilet water whilst defecating.
-Hey yo, are you almost done in there.

-Yea man. I just gotta dry off my dipper real quick.
by Anchorman1025 November 03, 2010
Girl or girls known for going down on a lot of guys.
Dude, I havn't got any play in such a long time but I'll get head tonight because I'm seeing a dipper.
by Clifton Vincent Chase July 16, 2005

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