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Girl or girls known for going down on a lot of guys.
Dude, I havn't got any play in such a long time but I'll get head tonight because I'm seeing a dipper.
by Clifton Vincent Chase July 16, 2005
The name for a penis that is so large that it dips into the toilet water whilst defecating.
-Hey yo, are you almost done in there.

-Yea man. I just gotta dry off my dipper real quick.
by Anchorman1025 November 03, 2010
Those who choose to not only double dip, but sometimes triple and quadruple dip as well.
(Sheryl) "Really Dave? I just saw you dip that chip at least 3 times!"
(Dave) "Yeah?"
(Sheryl) "...I don't share with dippers."

*Sheryl leaves infuriated*
by tldrplz June 17, 2011
is a creepy guy/girl... usually guy who keeps looking at you even tho they realise you notice them staring. when you spot them they hide bhind somthing, they "DIP" away out of sight thinking they're sneaky but u clearly know they'r ther
Example: omg sara look at that retarded dipper hes hiding behind that gumball machine LOL
by HotterDenU June 20, 2010
DIPPER, is pretty much a sexual manouvere. Basically to dipper something is like having sex with something but when you do the thrusting movement you dip downwards in a diagonal movement.
Also if you shout dipper and wave your hands above your head this means you are up for a dipper.
Calvin : Yo man DIPPPER (waves hands above head)

Sam and Adam : DIPPER (waving the hands above there heads and lunging)

Calvin : nice dipper!

Sam : thanks

Adam : DIPPERR!!!!
by LawesPowerHolt December 14, 2010
The term to describe the manner in which the extraordinary league of FOBs roll; a derogatory phrase to describe expensive attitudes in shitty cars. They tend to dress lavishly (Gucci ties, D&G shades), act lavishly, but fail to meet the drive lavishly standards. Symptoms include the need to get from point A to point B without a legit reason and an accent.
"Throw that dipper the finger."
by hippocrite March 12, 2010
A person who chews smokeless tobacco.
Signs include:

Not moving lips much,
A lump in the lip where the teeth are,
Constant spitting,
and brown spit
The dipper's infection in his mouth were so bad, he lost part of his jaw.
by Ennis Houston December 20, 2005