A derogatory term used to describe an East Indian, or any brown person for that matter. Also see pun and raghead
What smells like curry? Oh it must be that dipper over there.
by sdfs August 11, 2004
Used to describe one who can run very fast, with the ability to dip away from someont chasing you.
In refference to one's feet
Chad Johnson has got some dippers on him.
The cops wont catch him, hes got some dippers
by Who Dey February 15, 2006
A thin, hollow, glass, tube-shaped device for smoking crack...Sold in Cincinnati with a plastic rose in it, with the "rose" stem through the body of the dipper...As a "flower holder"...I guess...
I'm gonna wait for that dipper to cool down before I put another rock in it.
by Uncle Beasley April 03, 2006
a brown person who doesnt know any english and is really ugly
so liek did yu see that dipper who goes to pm?
by dipperrus January 27, 2008
Term referring to a member of the NDP (New Democratic Party) in Canada. An obvious reference to their philosophy of taking from the working, and giving to the lazy.
Lorne Calvert and his pack of dippers are raising taxes on working people again to increase welfare for the civil servants.
by pitz May 12, 2006
a badass fob indian ganksta nigga bro Shane Khant of mine that lives in brooklyn NYC. a dippa usually suck their lil brown dick in all the acdemic courses at high school.
Damn Khant, you failed that test again you big fat dipper!
A vulgar word describing a man who continually performs oral sex on a female causing bacteria build up on teeth and gums.
Bryan was accused of being a dipper after he smiled and was offered a mint.
by Chris S April 29, 2004
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