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a pickled penis, or a type of food
dude u just ate a dingus!?!?!?!?!
by Gangster123 May 03, 2007
a dumb ass or a very retarted person
that guy is such a dingus
by Jack Ass September 13, 2006
Describes someone as an idiot, dumbass, or dickhead. See also Zubin.
Cool Guy: Hey guys, we're playing hockey tonight.
Zubin: Yeah lets play hockey tonight!
Cool Guy: Okay, when are we playing?
Zubin: Wtf! We've just discussed this.. Learn to listen you idiot..
Cool Guy: Fuck you, you're not playing.. my dick in the cold is taller than you!
Zubin: *Tries to act tough* Come on, bring it on. C'mon you DINGUS!
Cool Guy: *Busts out AK-47* PRRRAAHHHH! MY NUTS, BITCH!
by OnionRings April 30, 2006
the small area between your asshole and your genitalia. also "paenus" or "vainus" or see also "taint". all refer to said section of no mans land between front and back doors (or pole). or used as a derrogitory name for someone familiar.
"OOOOOOW! goddamn that hurt! "
"he kicked me right in the dingus!"

"common dingus! hurry up we gotta go!"
by s rudiman September 02, 2005
A derogatory term for a person or object.
The equal but opposite of wingus

Commonly used at park view sixth form and often directed towards a certain business teacher
"Stop being a Dingus"
"Mrs X, what a Dingus"
by Reg February 04, 2005
Cody's language for ass hole/idiot
GHB you fucking dingus
by gnrredneck August 31, 2003
1) A large lumbering creature or
2) A daft, immoral and somewhat rebelious energy.
by Operez August 17, 2003