1. A alternative term for dildo or any phallic object. Plural is dingii.

2. Derogetory term for person
1. Look at the size of that dingus!
2. Oh - look at the lovely selection of dingii in that shop window.
3. See that guy there - he is just like such a dingus!
by Piffy Macnamara June 18, 2004
Idiotic, moronic.

One who eats dongs.

One who is Steven Shilling.
"Ugh, I got stuck hanging out with dingus last night when TDK flaked out on me."
by dungis March 22, 2004
a word that means penis
stop being a dingus
by beep December 10, 2003
The male organ
She sucked his dingus a looooong time!
by Buzz Cola October 23, 2003
Cody's language for ass hole/idiot
GHB you fucking dingus
by gnrredneck August 31, 2003
1) A large lumbering creature or
2) A daft, immoral and somewhat rebelious energy.
by Operez August 17, 2003
An utterly stupid person
That guy over there is a dingus. Don't listen to anyithing he says.
by Shawn B. March 28, 2003

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