A dingus is what you call a peer when he/she is being ignorant, dumb or retarted.
Hey Chris Cole, Rob Durdek over here is being a dingus!
by deathwishskater January 26, 2011
Dingus is perfection. Period.
by Name's T, Beotch July 05, 2009
1) downer
2) someone who excessively uses the word 'douche'. and also spells it incorrectly.
3) dan saeed
oh... its dan saeed, what a dingus.
by Derrin Gurgis January 25, 2011
a cross between a dumbass and a dingleberry
Me: Connor you're such a dingus!
Connor: No I'm not!
by aawwaalleerr November 28, 2010
no real definition, can be used as a noun or adjective. dingus is similar to granola in the fact that it sounds exactly like what it is. a dingus is someone who will wear a cone on their head voluntarily, or just be a complete idiot or goofball
when i stepped into the weapon shop, i noticed that the penis armor they were selling was very dingus.

i saw a goofy group of kids who all played tuba, which means they all must have been dingi.

the kid who everybody makes fun of and will do anything we ask in order to try and fit in is a huge dingus.
by dingus extrodanaire March 16, 2010
You are all a bunch of morons. Pick up a REAL dictionary for once.

Main Entry:

Dutch or German; Dutch dinges, probably from German Dings, from genitive of Ding thing, from Old High German — more at thing
: doodad 2

Source: Source: Merriam-Webster
Pass me that thing, you know, the Dingus.
by The Real Dingus July 04, 2009
The proud weighty member in a state none other than semi-erect. Girth, Length, and Vessel Grouping are highly desirable features according to Dingus historians. ("The evolution of the Dingus" Circa 2001)
Dingus demands respect.
by Dirk Dingus June 03, 2009

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