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(n.) 1. person who is mentally retarted. 2. person with mongolian decent. 3. Christina Trombino.
"wow that girl is such a mongloid, shes as bright as a 20 watt light."
by www.dictionary.com October 20, 2004
an extremely weird looking mother fucker
guy: that kis is a mongloid fo sho
another guy: ye it ugly
by bawm dig July 10, 2008
A rare creature, usually found blossoming in areas such as house parties, couches and play parks. they become attractive to odd clothing wear and the smell of sweat from a junkie and emos. Mongloid is also a name of a type of dance that only ants would do when upset.
last night he pulled a mongloid
by mystery king June 23, 2011
A person with bone deformities
For example: enlarged jaw, enlarged cheek bones, small sunken eyes, extremely long arms
Mongloids scare the shit out of me
by mongloiddestroyer November 30, 2004