Dingus derived from "Dinges", a German word?
Well, let this Dutchie tell you folks that "dinges" is 100% pure vintage Dutch (not Deutsch). I've just phoned some German friends in Teutonia and popped the dingus question: "Was ist das für ein Blötsinn?," their answer was. There you have it. Dinges is Dutch.

Dinges is used over here in Holland, when you can't remember someone's name, like in:

"Ik was laatst op de Dam en ik zag eh.. dinges daar, die gozer van the Red Hot Chili Biscuits eh.."

- Axel Rose?

"Ja, precies!"

"I was at Dam square (Amsterdam) the other day, and I saw ehm.. dingus over there, that bloke from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.."

- Anthony Kiedis?

"Yeah, that's right!"
by Sagunto May 07, 2008
A person.. particularly someone's Dad who is very stupid and likes 1970s muscle cars and expensive designer clothing.
Example A: My Dad is a real dingus he likes old muscle cars that cost $2,000

Example B: Hurry up, dingus stop jacking off in the bathroom and let's get wasted!
by Johnny McJoints August 31, 2007
Cameron Varners Chest Hair
Used in a sentence:
"Holy shit!! Look at all that dingus!! ITS LIKE A FUCKING JUNGLE!!"
by dingus futs November 27, 2006
The removable section of cable at the end of an Xbox controller. The dingus is there so if someone trips over the controller, or if the controller is pulled back too hard, the dingus will remain attached to the Xbox but the rest of the controller will be removed, as a way to prevent the Xbox itself from being jostled or from falling onto the floor. The system senses when the controller comes off, and pauses the game until the controller is reinserted into the dingus.
"Hey, my controller got unplugged from my dingus, could you plug it back in for me, my good friend?"
by saippuakauppias August 31, 2005
Idiotic, moronic.

One who eats dongs.

One who is Steven Shilling.
"Ugh, I got stuck hanging out with dingus last night when TDK flaked out on me."
by dungis March 22, 2004
One who stretches every morning in hopes of sucking his own dick.
1. That dingus went to the ER after drinking a six-pack of O'Doules.
2. That mongloid is such a Dingus Khan.
by big biff and the chubbs January 22, 2005
Ertyuio, as told by GNN5, on the Moogle Mafia forums.
Ertyuio is a Dingus, while Lanzer is a Wingus.
by Mini-Skirtus October 14, 2006

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