This is an Edinburgh term used to insult of belittle an individual. The term is similar yet far more offencive than the conventional idiot.
He's a pure dingle by the way.
by coco Brennan hertz boy June 18, 2006
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Short for Dingle-Berry. Which is old shit and TP stuck to your ass hairs
by Jeff Marjama October 23, 2003
A person of lower IQ and social status, not quite retarded but at the same time no rocket scientist
Oi! Dingle
by Rich October 21, 2003
A dingle is a double occupancy dorm room that is being housed by only a single person. It is a combination of the words double and single: dingle. One person in a two person room.
The UCLA housing department screwed up, so now I'm living in a dingle in Gregory Hall.
by Bryan Harley August 14, 2005
a penis.
chris barrett has no dingle.
by sam spearr September 30, 2009
Another Term for an annoying little shit
Dingles: Hullo I don't masterbate
by Chadwick J Bob December 03, 2006
small woods containing a stream or a brook among the streets of the town of Longmeadow
Kelly asked Dana if she wanted to go down to the dingle and hang out.

by dankel shakeeane October 08, 2006
A tiny piece of excrement that can get stuck in the hairs surrounding the anus while going to the bathroom, thus potentially becoming a "dingleberry."
Damn it! We're out of toilet paper, and I don't want the risk of a dingle becoming a dingleberry!
by TJ Griers March 18, 2008

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