A tiny piece of excrement that can get stuck in the hairs surrounding the anus while going to the bathroom, thus potentially becoming a "dingleberry."
Damn it! We're out of toilet paper, and I don't want the risk of a dingle becoming a dingleberry!
by TJ Griers March 18, 2008
A town in Ireland's county Kerry.
Have you heard about the Dingle dolphin?
by gryphon84 April 07, 2010
The first of the three known stages of a human penis. Characterized by its shrucken and krinkled appearance. Also for the scrodom holding a very silly-putty-esque consistansy. This stage is achieved with no sexual arrousal.
Youngs boys have constant dingle, until their balls drop.
by Jow Blob September 12, 2007
Shorthand/code for dingleberry. A little shit that is extremely irritating.
"Man, I just can't get rid of dingles today!"
by 10-16 JF December 25, 2007
Sorry little inbreed with a low IQ. This sort of person normally resides in such small towns as Hythe where everyone sleeps with everyone else. Dingle also refers to family on the UK TV Program (soap) Emmerdale.
The Dingle family were a bunch of inbred simpletons - same as everyone from Burnley!!! Signed, A PNE fan.
by bleee November 03, 2006
verb. To stay somewhere after one is no longer wanted (much as a dingleberry does).
After having sex with Anna, Seth dingled around her apartment and wouldn't leave her alone despite her attempts to dislodge him (pun intended).
by da dingler May 23, 2012
Verb: To dingle.

Playing devils advocate at all times regardless of appropriateness and context. Pertaining to, but not exclusively to emotional situations and factual debates
Helga: Damn, my day was so shitty! My boss is a dick, he bitched me out for no reason!
Dingler: Well, maybe he had a bad day too and was taking it out on you, is he always like that?
Helga: Goddamnit Dingler! Just agree with me for once!

You've been dingled, bitch.
by The supreme dingler September 17, 2011

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