the ability to argue, and win, a point by being so confusingly right.
Jake uses the infamous dingle way to remain undefeated in any debate he participates in.
by sweetrosebud93 October 08, 2009
unidentifiable genitals of a morbidly obese person

also known as:

Q: That person's gut is hanging over there goods, what the shit is underneath there?

A: Dingles
by cake-mon May 28, 2014
Fuck, Sex, Rape, Penis, Vagina, Boobs, Sexperiments, Sexual Intercourses, Any kind of thing you can imagine.
Cher, I want to dingle you.

Sena, I like your big dingle.

Reii, I heard your dingles are amazing <3
by Sena's baby April 03, 2011
God tier 4chan troll who allows you to delve into an intriguing fantasy world that will last for hours on end.
Until you find out that you get killed by a big bad Roman annihaltes Isrealites and stabs you in the spine.
That motherfucker Dingle wasted 4 hours of everyones lives.
OMG my friends are going to ddos his website
by DingleTroll March 05, 2011
noun; a person who is a loser
turtle looking boy
by KIddo10708 June 01, 2009
what west brom fans call wolves fans. dingles are actually that scummy family off emmerdale. see the resemblence?
slap a dingle, slap a dingle, na na na na na na na

the dingles are the shite of the black country
by number 1 wee haggis by the way April 01, 2005
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