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Wierd, not uncool dude. Into everything, sports academics, etc. Not sure of himself or what he wants to do. Other people have trouble understanding him because he doesn't undertsand himself. He sometimes gets depressed and down on himself if the smallest thing goes wrong. Very pessimistic and cynical, which sometimes almost leads to depression. Isn't a cynic becasue he thinks its cool, is a cynic becuase he thinks it is right.

Note: Don't fuck with him because if he gets pissed, game over for you.
Gregory, also known as Greg, but somethimes called by their lastname, is that guy who nobody can ever figure out. He always does extrmely well or fails completely.
by NF 15 WOLVERINES January 26, 2009
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gregory is the type of guy who will give you butterflies when he touches you. he's a sweet, sexy, funny, athletic, smart, lovable man. he makes your heart sore. when your with him he will have your on an all time high. he treats you like a princess. he makes you feel like theres no one else in the world. he give you the best advice when you need it. he always looks on the brightside of things. you could never go wrong with him. he's deffently a keeper.
girl 1: he's deffently a gregory.
girl 2: oh wow, i thought he was just doing a booty call.
by madddders March 07, 2010
The highest level of awesome, just above bacon. Gregory is what bacon wants to be when it grows up.
Eggs: So bacon you think you're cool huh since you're like the best breakfast food in the world?
Bacon: Yea, I'm pretty awesome, but I really just want to be like Gregory.
by Greggeryaknow January 15, 2013
The name of a male who has defeated modern woman, slayed the beast known as lauren, and freed the slaves
Gregory doesn't give a fuck about lauren
by Cheesemaster9000 March 15, 2011
Gregory one of the most loyal and the most kind people you will ever meet. Its very hard to hate Gregory. They are athletic, smart and can b shy at times. Don't mess around with them because once you do your one shot is over with them. They have good hair for some reason. Gregory's are the best people to date they make your stomach have butterflies when they touch you falling in love with one is like being in a good trans. They are keepers. <3
Gregory- "Hey''
Girl: -girl falls in love- "he...he...hey greg"
by Artchildani101 October 20, 2013
"Cheque" - as in Gregory Peck.

another example of Rhyming slang being used for 2 different words (this slang is also used for "neck")
"There's no way I'm gonna accept anything but cash from you son, your last Gregory bounced like a superball"
by Dougal474 October 26, 2006
A huge baseball fan who typically looks like some sort of celebrity. Traditionally handsome with great hair thanks to his use of Murray's. He is also well hung and knows how to use it.
Last night a Gregory picked me up at a baseball game. He totally hit a few dingers that night.
by JPSauce April 24, 2011

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