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Dingle is an old english term which means 'One who lives in a hollow' the name is orginanlly Normandic can came over the last time england was successfuly invaded in the late 11th century
Dingle = One who lives in a hollow
by deathdingle May 11, 2006
8 13
what west brom fans call wolves fans. dingles are actually that scummy family off emmerdale. see the resemblence?
slap a dingle, slap a dingle, na na na na na na na

the dingles are the shite of the black country
by number 1 wee haggis by the way April 01, 2005
23 28
Another word for dork, idiot, or nerd
Hey dingle berry, yeah water boy, get your a** over here.
by The Chief October 20, 2003
13 18
dingles.....more than one dingle

(see also hill-troll hill-trolls& Burnley
dingles.....a group of people from the yorkshire hamlet of Burnley
by Dr Fox May 07, 2007
8 14
Sorry little inbreed with a low IQ. This sort of person normally resides in such small towns as Hythe where everyone sleeps with everyone else.
You only need to watch Emmerdale... or you could just visit Hythe.
by Mr Happy January 08, 2004
10 17
1. Any pubic hair from the top of your ass crack to the chota.
2. When ones balls hang unubstructed and free to slap on your legs they are in full dingle.
I let my balls dingle over Tylers face for a minute before I t-bagged him square on the lips.
by Jimboozie October 15, 2003
7 15
1. derived from latin, this great word had intrinsic value amoung the acient skittles of Rome
2. often used to make fun of a blunder or missunderstanding
3. A nicer alternative to retard or fucking idiot
1. "I fell down the stairs today" "YOU DINGLE!"
2. "WOW, this is like the 16th bithday of (persons name!)DINGLE it is her 16th birthday!"
3. Egg is a meat... DINGLE
4. Does being diabetic make your knuckles more cracky? DINGLE!

by stinkalina October 10, 2005
4 13