A DJ or vinyl record enthusiast who spends exhorbitant amounts of time digging through crates of vinyl. Short for "crate digga" or "beat digga".
"DJ Shadow has the most obscure beats... He's a serious crate digga"
by Diggabeatz September 23, 2012
Someone who gets all the hot ass and pussy
Fo sho I'm a Digga I get ass and pussy
by Jehovah April 03, 2004
what you say when you dont want to say nigga. alsso used to show amazement or being stoked.
oh digga you did it!!!
A style of strumming the guitar to create a certain, unique sound. A Digga is a short, clean, stroke of a guitar/bass, often repeated quickly to add to the effect.

Usually played in Hardcore, Metalcore, and Post-Hardcore genres of music.

See: The Devil Wears Prada (Band)
Mike: Dude I love that song "Danger:Wildman"!
Kirk: Yeah I know, the diggas in that song are just incredible!
by Mikeshellekit August 07, 2009
it came from a young girl calling birds "Digga-digga-digga" but her parents wanted her to say the word bird, so they showed a picture of her uncle and told her he was a Digga. He is now called Digga and birds are just birds.
by Hot German Girl March 25, 2011
a term originated from the spanish word "diga" in which it is pronounced as "digga". Also meaning your best friend in english.
by We Diggaz August 10, 2009
When a person falls flat on their face while walking normally. For no apparent reason. And many people are around to laugh in their face.
This retarted bitch was walking up the stairs and straight up took a digga.
by YuckFaceBida February 18, 2008

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