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One of the first Indie bands of all time. A brit pop band with Morrisey as the lead singer
damn I had no idea morrisey was A sexual, weird
by alexander November 30, 2003
adj. or n. Faux-merican is an individual who claims to love freedom, but in fact knows very little about freedom. The average faux-merican will tell others what to do, what's right and what's wrong, and encourage or force others not to do things he/she deems as "wrong". They are usually conservative, but can come from any political background. They are the people who bash the French for no reason. They are the folks who watch Foxnews and think Rush Limbaugh is a swell guy with a little problem. They're the people who spat on troops coming back from Vietnam. They are ignorant, undereducated, but have opinions on anything and everything which are usually wrong. They are the folks who chastise you for speaking out against the war in Iraq.
In short, they are the people who give America a bad name. They are closet fascists who think that freedom means doing everything the bible / cnn / Rush Limbaugh / Bill Clinton / or whoever / whatever says. They're the ones who make you cringe and wish you were Canadian when they open their mouths.
"Even though gay marriage doesn't affect me in the slightest, I think it should be banned by a constitutional amendment. Gay people don't deserve freedoms or rights."
"Dude, stop being such a faux-merican."
by Alexander July 23, 2004
As an adjective, used to indicate supremacy; as a noun, Westholm refers to a most singular individual, whose adventures are legendary; as a verb, synonymous with coitus.
adjective: You're not very westholm...
noun: As a child, my mother often told me tales of Westholm's triumph.
verb: To westholm is very enjoyable.
all: It would be westholm to westholm with Westholm.
by Alexander February 18, 2005
I seen this once. I was at church and I seen this stain on the char that looked like this: (|) It was dried-blood-red and had amazing detail. The clit even made its own impression. I call this a cunt print.
S&!#! she left a cunt print behind! Her rag must have snuck up on her!
by Alexander March 20, 2005
Someone who is addicted to methamphetamine
Nick is an Ice fiend, look hes tweaking right now.
by alexander January 11, 2004
The 1337est mofo that ever did own your n00b ass.

Rednaxela | alexandeR
Oh my God, Rednaxela just r0x0red me.
by Alexander November 25, 2003
have a snack and drink something.
I had a sandwish washed down with beer.
by Alexander July 11, 2003

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