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Someone who gets all the hot ass and pussy
Fo sho I'm a Digga I get ass and pussy
by Jehovah April 03, 2004
13 16
A person(usually female, or better yet a black female)who chooses a love interest solely based upon how much money they have.
She's a digga man, all she's after is yo wallet foo!
by barcode23 October 15, 2003
12 16
a dirty ass nigga
ughh look at ackeem he is one digga.
by creepa jones 3rd July 24, 2008
8 17
Dirty nigga - I was talking to Matty C from Wsc and I called him a digga and decided it means dirty nigga
Matty stop being such a digga and put the tv back...
by Budnick April 20, 2005
3 12
Desis Investigating Good-looking Girls Association...Founded by Special K, Mo, Sunny D, and DarkDigga
Rolling wit the DiGgaS in the HBG
by Anonymous February 25, 2004
4 16
A once misused word by a German Exchange student meaning nigga.
Say digga, what's goin on?
by BAG's December 02, 2007
3 16
A desi (Indian) trying to act niggerish.
That dothead is a digga.
by Salaam April 25, 2005
15 28