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One who dicks around. A person who is procrastinating or otherwise doing something other than what they are supposed to be doing.
Quit dickin' around you dicker.

Man you've got 3 papers to write by tomorrow and you're playing computer games! You're such a dicker!
by the annihilatrix September 25, 2007
1. the act of giving a woman a good fuck when she needs it.

2. when a guy admits he would have sex with a girl.
example 1-

guy 1: dude, my girl has been acting like a real bitch lately.
guy 2: you just need to dick'er good. she needs a bomb fuck.

damn, that chick over there... i would totally dick'er.
by uniquelytalentedkid March 12, 2011
texan slang. to mess with, to play with.
Stop dickering with the a/c!
by Judge Scott September 13, 2003
Someone who imposes their dicketry rather emphatically.
*Guy answers door*

Mormon 1: Joseph Smith Joseph Smith Joseph Smith.

Mormon 2: I concur, and I'd also like to add: Joseph Smith Joseph Smith Joseph Smith Joseph Smith.

Guy who wishes he never answered the door: ... Dickers.
by the amazing dr. ronzo August 12, 2010
A self-centered douche bag.
Did you see that guy in the Affliction t-shirt, what a dicker.
by fricker dicker April 12, 2010
a verb meaning to satisfy or end an argument with the little woman.
" Don't argue with your wife, dicker"
by Dewey Decimal August 31, 2006
A dumbass; a faggot.
That Dicker loves anal.
by xxxxxxxxxkillyou May 24, 2005