A desi (Indian) trying to act niggerish.
That dothead is a digga.
by Salaam April 25, 2005
Desis Investigating Good-looking Girls Association...Founded by Special K, Mo, Sunny D, and DarkDigga
Rolling wit the DiGgaS in the HBG
by Anonymous February 25, 2004
in germany used by mostly turkish rappers like Samy Deluxe, to refer like nigga but digga by the D in Deutschland(german for germany)
was is los digga? what is up digga in german/
by Alexander December 07, 2004
German word meaning dude or bro. Not used to offend, because it has nothing to do with "nigga".
Wie gehts, Digga? (What's up bro)
by LinitaLebe April 24, 2016

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