The fat on a cat's belly.
I rubbed the kitty's diddle and she purred loudly.
by ArtificialDreamer April 29, 2014
The act of tapping on ones naked butt cheeks with both index fingers in a rhythmic manner as if playing the drums.
Man, Steve really impressed me with his diddle skills last night. My butt cheeks are so tender this morning.
by Mattchew1984 January 27, 2011
1. The act of continuously moving one's fingers back and forth along a surface. Usually the genitals of a person.
1. Wow! She diddle my balls!

2. Man, I can't believe I diddled her elbow for three days.
by B-dawg The rappin masta October 21, 2008
to slightly carress, but not as hard as to penetrate(enough to get some poop on your finger), one's own asshole or the asshole of another.
1.Michael and his life partner diddle one another.

2. Diddle me this, diddle me that.

3. she diddles him in his sleep.

4. my music teacher said if i dont learn how to play the diddle i will fail.
by alnball03 July 27, 2011
v. To slack off, or spend too much time on small tasks.
Hey! Lusre! I don't want to sit around and watch you diddle!
by Mac-Daddy Pimp Sauce January 26, 2009
A slang term for ecstacy pills. Can also be used to describe the state of mind of a person who's high on pills('Diddled'). Any arrangements on this is acceptable, e.g 'diddly-doo', 'dids', 'diddlered'.
Mark : 'How're those diddles doing for ya?'
James: 'Man, i'm fucking diddled of my face man. Could do with another diddly-doo though if you've got one?'
Mark: 'Sorry bro, all out of dids, you sank them all you diddly twat'
by magicwaffle March 14, 2009
The sexual act of stabbing one or more partners, thus creating more than one hole (thus disproving the fourth hole theory). When finished, the partners proceed to shit in the stab wounds. Usually a once in a life time experience.
Bob went to that diddle orgy last week, I miss him
by sirsolodolo May 31, 2011

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