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Ecstasy pills. See Ecstasy pills beans
"Can't wait to get some diddles and get absloutely off my box"
by Penwicketh December 07, 2007
To put small objects in large holes
God I didnt know you where a diddler??!!!...please come back after pumpin it up a bit please
by Patryk Fantastyk August 31, 2007
to "diddle" is to form a gun with your gun, using your middle finger and pointer finger and being able to easily acces a hole, ususaly the vah j j, and or anus.one is diddled is a diddlee, and one who diddles is the diddler.one pleasure the opposion buy twisting the wrist and moving the pointer and middle finger back and forth in a quick motion. the oppostion becomes easily excited and arroused and begins to moan like a man fuckin a seegal. the hole beings to get bigger as proceeded. there are other types of diddle such as the "deep freeze"- ice is applied to diddle standard form, and instant peasure begins, or the trifecta diddle- using three fingers and insterting into hole and then with great intensity and anger exploding out like a trident.- all made by the great owners lord of the diddle, and co-founder diddletron
a quiet room is set with candles and a rich rape scent. the diddler chooses his choice of weapon, he proceedes with the standard form. the diddlee is in stand formation also known as the spread eagle. the diddler strikes the diddlee, leaving no mercy and a gapeing asshole...
by lord of the diddle April 05, 2009
To molest someone that is under the legal age of consent
<b>Convict 1:</b> What are you in for?
<b>Convict 2:</b> I diddled a few alter boys.
by Shandon April 16, 2008
1)When a person is flirting with another person when they are not goin out and they are fooling around with each other.

2)When a couple fool around with each other, but the couple are goin out as boyfriend and girlfriend. But they are not diddling wen they are not fooling around.
1) Bob and Sally are diddling each other.

2) Bob and Sally are gonna diddle each other tonight since they are goin out.
by Bass R January 22, 2008
a knob,aka your weiner, usually twiddled by a hoe
"My diddle is yearning for some twiddle"
by JBeck November 15, 2007
to fuck; to bugger
'damn, did you hear about frankie diddling that horse?'
by seamus October 15, 2003