to caress or tickle, but not to the point of laughter.
girl: "will you diddle my arm? it's my favorite, it really relazes me and turns me on!"

boy: "heck yes!"
by girl7 December 24, 2006
to fuck; to bugger
'damn, did you hear about frankie diddling that horse?'
by seamus October 15, 2003
verb; manually manipulating the sweet sweet vag in any manner possible
"Sean the diddle-master stopped any form of drinking or hanging out at all so that he could diddle the BIG MAC every night...that's called diddle-dedication."

"When Meghan's friend asked about her boyfriend, she responded 'that kid sure can diddle.'"
by Shawn Vann Lare Wollton May 13, 2006
VERB: The act of not doing anything very productive...fucking around
All they did at the mall was diddle around
by flippytale January 16, 2004
In short, to fuck
Your Peruvian whore of a mother thinks Daddy's diddling the maid.

Cf. the movie "Cruel Intentions"
by Laur June 24, 2003
To "do," as in fornicate.
"Did I mention that I wanted to diddle Nicole?"
by Guillermo August 25, 2003
to eat at Paco's Tacos
Do you want to go diddle later?
by Manuel Jones May 22, 2007

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