To masturbate - particularly a woman.
Maria wouldn't be so uptight if she would just diddle herself every once in awhile.
by blocky October 18, 2012
diddle means to shake around your penis around with other men
usually done in circles with several men some of which are tall with short dicks
that would be known as a diddles
Jim:you wanna have diddles
Billy:Hell yeah man! I just came out of my domestic partnership with Joe
Joe:if your having diddles you better include me
1. Female pleasuring herself by rubbing her vulva

2. Informal word for a penis (New Zealand English)
1. She was diddling herself on the sofa

2. I touched his diddle
by Aquablue November 12, 2013
Verb: To drum like a badass (usually snare)
Noun: Paradiddles, any snare beat.

Drumlineese for paradiddles.
Joe: You workin on your diddles bruh?
Bob: Yeah nilla
by chopmonster February 02, 2013
1. Australasian slang for the phallus, often used by small children before they learn more inappropriate pseudonyms for "penis".

2. A word commonly used instead sex.

3. A word used to describe a lack of activity.

4. A word used to describe someone being defeated in any manner.
1. "Wow, that Jared boy has a tremendous diddle!"

2. "Fuck me, i'd love to diddle Susan tonight."

3. The boys diddled about instead of going to class.

4. "Dude, i hear you got diddled in Tae-kwon-do on Saturday!"
by the godsmith May 22, 2008
to sex another person
I'm gonna diddle the fuck out of you.
by mrdiddler April 03, 2015
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