12 definitions by flippytale

jack diddley....fucking nothing at all
I went to Vegas this weekend and won diddley squat!
by flippytale January 16, 2004
The fluent ability to use both an apple computer and a PC interchangeably
Yes, I am bi-lingual, I can comfortably use both a Macintosh and Windows!
by flippytale January 13, 2004
Some one who ebays way too much
A: Did you know that she sold her grandmother's ashtray on eBay for a ton of cash?
C: Gosh, maybe I shoudl try it
A: Yeah, she is such an ebayer, she bought all her clothes there
B: <pant> Hey! Look what I just found....!
by flippytale January 15, 2004
a way to say "fuckhead" in polite company
Geeze, why did you do that? You are *such* a diddlehead!
by flippytale January 16, 2004
an online auction site where you can buy collectibles that were in ancient times bought at flea markets, garage sales, and thrift stores for next to nothing. Now they can be bought from any schmo in the world and shipped anywhere for lots of $$

Also used as a VERB
A: Jeepers, that Elvis ashtray you found in your grandmother's attic looks like it might be worth something, you should ebay it.
B: Ya, think? I've been ebaying a lot lately.
A: er, getta life <mrft>
by flippytale January 15, 2004
Someone who is a complete idiot and cannot grasp the obvious.
Its a NEWSPAPER, Einstein!!!!
by flippytale January 13, 2004
jack squat, diddley squat got together one night and fell into a black hole===the result they *really* came up with nothing!

Even less than nothing, voidier than empty
I didn't to jack diddley last night cause I had squat for brains
by flippytale January 16, 2004

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