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A synonym for inserting the penis into the vagina.
"So've any you chicks ever been penetrated before?"
-Glen Quagmire, Family Guy
by Dave October 20, 2004
To insert the penis into the Vagina or Anus.
I double-penetrated your mom last night, with my friend! Ha ha!
by i_r_sexy January 14, 2005
The entering of some object into a females vagina or anus. or a mans anus. generaly considered to be a good thing.
"I penetrated that fag's arse with a rake."
by Penetration Man! October 10, 2006
The entering of one object into another, usually through some sort of semi-permeable membrane/skin/defense/covering.

See also:
1. Sexual penetration
2. Warfare penetration
3. Market penetration
4. Basketball penetration
5. Magical penetration
The addict will sometimes penetrate his arm with a syringe to inject drugs directly into his blood stream. This method of delivery is said to produce a more efficient high.
by Erinski Easy December 11, 2008
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