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your closest friend of the same sex, the person you'd be with if you were both homosexual.
*on the phone*

jack: "i miss you man, when are you coming home?"

phil: "next thursday...only 5 more days!"

jack: "i can't wait to see ya bro, i have so much to tell you...you've really been missin' out!"

phil: "i love you, man!"

jack: "i love you too, bro!"

*off the phone*

tina: "man, if i didn't know any better, i'd think you two were gay together!"

jack: "shut up! he's just my best friend, my bro, leave me alone!"

tina: "don't get so deffensive...i know you two are just hetero-lifemates."
by girl7 December 07, 2006
the only word used to descibe your feelings towards a person the exact moment you realize you are in forever in love with them.
*boyfriend and girlfriend watching a movie, girl eating popcorn and turns towards her boyfriend, only to catch him starring at her*

girl: "why are you looking at me like that?"

guy: "you are delovely, you are perfect, you are breathtaking...and i will always love you."
by girl7 December 07, 2006
a girl that makes out with numerous guys, sober or intoxicated, but has no intentions of making a relationship out of it. she does this for pure pleasure and the enjoyment of the moment.
guy: "so, do you want to maybe catch a movie with me later this week?"

girl: "i don't know..."

guy: "but, we totally hit it off at that party last night! i thought you were into me?"

girl: "don't take it personally, but i'm just a makeout whore."
by girl7 November 09, 2006
that point you reach when you are so tired that every single thing said or done is the funniest thing ever, you giggle uncontrollably and irrationally. the more you laugh the more you can't stop.
ben: "look at that car!"

sarah: "hahaha, omg, hahaha!"

ben: "you are so at the muffin point!"
by girl7 November 13, 2006
soccer played on the beach, hands, trick plays, tackeling, pulling hair, and grabbing clothing is allowed. only real official rules are:

1. no out of bounds
2. no kicking or throwing sand in to somebody's face
mark: "it's the season opener for XTREME soccer today, you pumped?"

becky: "are you kidding me? i've been waiting for this day since the season finals last year!"
by girl7 December 07, 2006
The act of bombarding a person with cat videos, memes and pictures until they love cats.
"He said he doesn't trust cats so i'm gonna cattack him"

"I can't believe they don't love kittys, they need a good cattacking!"
by Girl7 September 07, 2014
originaly used in the 2006 milkyway commercial, a shortned and funny way of saying "whatever."
mother: "you need to study for your test tomorrow!"

son: "whatev...i'll be fine."
by girl7 December 07, 2006
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