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Big city with a beautiful skyline. Although geographically placed in the Midwestern state of Illinois, it should be considered it's own state since the rest of the midwest is filled with drunk redneck republicans.
"So your from Illinois?"
"No-I'm from Chicago"
by Laur December 10, 2004
Infatuation; a crush
Molly thought she was in love with the hot lifeguard; however, after she discovered that he was an asshole she realized that it had just been puppy love.
by Laur June 24, 2003
To steal or take
Hey, who swiped my chocolate bar?
by Laur June 23, 2003
only at the mount....
-is your school haunted
-is you plumbing 150 years old
-do you use any excuse to leave class and roam the fourth floor
-do you know and believe that there is a "blue nun"
-do you constantly pick hair off your classmats sweaters
-are you/or half your class sleeping during mass
-confessions are a once a month nap time
-are boys scared to come on the premisis bcs of the one and only mr evans
-do you and your entire class share homework in the morning
-do you get off fortampons in the toilet
-do you have hott tan girls all year round
hott girls school in catonsville
by laur April 24, 2005
When an automated instant messaging robot enters a chat room and advertises porn in a not-so-subtle way, usually several times in a few seconds
***Online Host: LickMyClit has entered the room.***
LickMyClit: ~--Hi! Wanna see my new website? Click here! I just got my webcam hooked up!--~
LickMyClit: ~--Hi! Wanna see my new website? Click here! I just got my webcam hooked up!--~
ShadowFox777: damn driveby porn
by Laur June 28, 2003
To handle or take care of
The lawyer fielded the press's questions skillfully, giving away no more information than he wanted to.
by Laur June 24, 2003
an intensifier meaning "big(ger)"
Get that hulking great yob out of my yard!
by Laur June 26, 2003
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