A difficult task, especially the act of inserting one's own testicles into a vagina. Derived from acronym DIB, or "dog in bathtub," referring to the difficulty of placing a canine into an enclosed area of water.
"Understanding Suslin lines is dib."
by Kyle Woodward September 03, 2004
An awesome person-thing.
WHOA! You just gave me 62378169876513978423678697823694817 dollars! Thanks, you big Dib! :)
by Mistral January 04, 2004
DIB(S) (Acronymn)

Directly Means "Deranged Incest Babies"
It's a Urban Name for People of the Christion Religion
You are an Annoying DIB
Fuck you DIBS!!!
#christians #christian #deranges #incest #babies
by DerangedIncestBaby July 05, 2007
a sack of weed costing 15 dollars.
it's made from the words 'dime' and 'dub' to make 'dib'
toker 1: i scored some mary jane today
toker 2: pimp, how much? a dime? a dub?
toker 1: nah bitch, i gotta dib!
#dime #dub #15 dollars #marijuana #weed #15 sack
by t-cool December 05, 2007
Acronymn for Dick In Bum
Anal intercourse
Greg loves dib from strangers
by Yuppie November 04, 2004
a slang term for the euphoric and spinal fludid draining drug xtc. came from officer dibble and was shortened as chief gurners cant say dibble without laughing intensly.
'what! you scamming jew! 2 dibs for £15 mate, you must be off your chicken bits mate!'
#pills #e #xtc #extacy #gurners #officers
by deathznow September 12, 2006
Like crap or shit
Guy- Oh dib that guy just got shot
Girl- Oh shit.
by Kevin February 11, 2004
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