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DIB means a dick in a box.
Man, i gave my girlfriend a DIB, she loved it.
by leonidas92929292 March 06, 2011
someone who lacks intelligence
Carol Porter would say "huh, excuse me but your such a dib"
by Jonny C March 06, 2004
An idiot, one whom is worthy of something insulting and also specially bad for their stupid action.
Man 1: I shot a dog with a pellent gun, ate it, and got rabies.

Man 2: Your such a dib
by C December 05, 2003
in arabic it meens bear but it is used as a moron a dib is someone who everyone can make fun of at a particular moment
when joey spills milk all over the table everyone would call him a dib
by Rafaelman March 17, 2006
A one syllable word that can and does mean absolutely anything.
Go dib yourself.

I dont dib you.

Suck my dib.

Where for art thou dib?
by Eric August 06, 2004
Abbreviation for Do It Boys. A fresh team of dope people from the city of Los Angeles. All about increasing the peace and spreading the positivity.
ren: hey romeo why is dib so dope
romeo: cuz were the most illest street team in the US, right angelo?
angelo: YEAH
by the do it boys October 08, 2005
Stands for "Douche in a Buick", but refers to anyone driving 5-15 mph UNDER the posted speed limit. However, studies show that 99.9% of the time these idiots are in a Buick.
Lady: "Are you almost home?"
Dudeman: "Well, its down to one-lane and this guy in front of me sucks at life.. wait... it's a LaSabre.. I knew it, fuckin' DiB."
Lady: "Guess I'll see you when I see you."
by fortysixandtwo March 09, 2007