1. To suddenly lose control of an object(s) in your hand and drop it all over the ground possibly while making a Michael J. Fox imitation.
2. To lose control and drop a thing or all things from it's container and then violenty throw the container with full force as a result.
Allan spent five dollars on dibs at Disneyland and then went dibs on said dibs while impersonation Michael J. Fox and then threw his cup violently at the trash can and bounced off and hit and nearly killed a small child.
by Adam Castillo March 26, 2008
DIB means a dick in a box.
Man, i gave my girlfriend a DIB, she loved it.
by leonidas92929292 March 06, 2011
someone who lacks intelligence
Carol Porter would say "huh, excuse me but your such a dib"
by Jonny C March 06, 2004
An idiot, one whom is worthy of something insulting and also specially bad for their stupid action.
Man 1: I shot a dog with a pellent gun, ate it, and got rabies.

Man 2: Your such a dib
by C December 05, 2003
in arabic it meens bear but it is used as a moron a dib is someone who everyone can make fun of at a particular moment
when joey spills milk all over the table everyone would call him a dib
by Rafaelman March 17, 2006
A one syllable word that can and does mean absolutely anything.
Go dib yourself.

I dont dib you.

Suck my dib.

Where for art thou dib?
by Eric August 06, 2004
Abbreviation for Do It Boys. A fresh team of dope people from the city of Los Angeles. All about increasing the peace and spreading the positivity.
ren: hey romeo why is dib so dope
romeo: cuz were the most illest street team in the US, right angelo?
angelo: YEAH
by the do it boys October 08, 2005

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